Whether you’re hosting a small get together with friends, a playdate for the kids or enjoying the holidays at your home, the living room is the spot where people will most likely be congregating.  You have your television, your couch, a cozy fireplace and more so you want it to look its best and really showcase your personality and the appeal of the home.

When it comes to simple repairs, installations or maintenance or you’re looking for a few ideas to upgrade the room or you want a whole living room renovation, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement to take on the project.  Our professionals will get the job done right and in a timely manner so that you can enjoy spending your downtime in the living room.

Here are a few examples both big and small that Mario Brothers Home Improvement can do for you:

  • Crown Molding – Whether installing or replacing, have Mario Brothers Home Improvement make this feature an eye-pleasing part of your living room.
  • Baby/Puppy Proofing – If you’re expecting or want to make sure your new home is family-friendly, we can ensure that your living room is baby proof to reduce the chances of any mishaps. As for that new puppy, we can fix any damages and even install a doggy door to make training easier.
  • Patio Doors – Imagine being able to step out onto the patio right from the living room. A patio door makes entertaining on those summer weekends easier while also adding value to your home.  We can even repair your current patio door, if necessary, or replace it with a new one.
  • Energy Efficiency – Mario Brothers Home Improvement can install ceiling fans and help decrease heat or air conditioning loss. Sometimes it’s updating your doors or windows and other times it’s finding ways to maximize lighting which can help lower the energy bills.
  • Walls – Holes in the wall? Ready to get rid of wallpaper?  Maybe you just want a new coat of paint?  We want to tackle these projects for you.


Mario Brothers Home Improvement can help you turn the living room into the place you love to gather with friends and family for Superbowl Sunday, Thanksgiving or just a summer evening.  Contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement and see the ways that we can help make repairs, installations or entire remodels of your beautiful home and help increase its value.