KitchenOne of the most important rooms in the house and arguably the spot where guests will mostly congregate is the kitchen.  When it comes to remodeling or renovating, this room can be quite expensive.  At Mario Brothers Home Improvement we can help you choose the right path to your kitchen upgrades, repairs and complete remodeling and offer simple fixes that won’t break the bank but still increase value and appeal.

Sometimes all it takes is a new floor or new cabinets to change up the style instead of a whole remodel so when you’re making the decision to make changes to the kitchen, contact the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement.

Here are a few of the services that Mario Brothers Home Improvement offers when it comes to the kitchen:

  • Cabinets – From simple repairs to complete replacement of cabinets, we have the carpentry experts to maximize space and provide visual appeal. We can tear out your old cabinets and install new ones for you in a timely manner so that your kitchen can become operational again quickly.
  • Countertops – Which countertops are right for you? What features would you like?  From granite to wood to marble, with custom designs like butcher blocks and more, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can help make your countertop more efficient to your cooking and baking needs.
  • Flooring – Mario Brothers Home Improvement will be happy to discuss floor ideas to meet your desired look. Do you want the easy-to-clean vinyl or the more appealing tile floor?  There are benefits to both.
  • Baby-Proofing – Whether you store chemicals for the dishwasher and cleaning materials under the sink or want to ensure that your child doesn’t rummage through the cabinet where the china is stored, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can provide many ideas to baby-proof your kitchen. We can make simple upgrades for greater safety or make repairs when a feisty five-year-old does some damage.
  • Doors – Having access to outdoors can be a great feature and convenient if you’re prepping dinner and the kids are in the backyard. On the inside, a door between the kitchen and dining room or den may be the way to go.

If you’re looking to make major upgrades or want some small ideas to make your kitchen more appealing then contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement today.  We would be happy to discuss ways to maximize energy efficiency, convenience and enhancements to increase the value of your home.