Winter can be rough on the exterior of your home.  From ice build-up in the gutters to heavy snow on the deck to the cold drafts that can seep mysteriously through the door, the winter can do everything from increase your utility bills to causing major damage to the home.  At Mario Brothers Home Improvement, we want to help you make sure that your home is protected as much as possible against the harsh winter cold, snow and ice.

Here are a few tips and examples of how Mario Brothers Home Improvement can help you keep the exterior of your home well-maintained when the cold months come rolling in:

  • Deck – Winterizing your deck will help keep its integrity for years to come. Simple tasks like resealing or power washing can go a long way in making it last.
  • Doors – From the howling winds and the blowing snow, making sure you have a good exterior door will help keep your home energy efficient. You’ll have a few options available such as wood, fiberglass and steel and each of them have benefits and disadvantages.  To discuss which one is right for your home and to help keep the cold from raising your heating bills, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement.
  • Weatherstripping – Weatherstripping your door is a great way to help the heat stay inside which can save you a lot of money when it comes to heating your home.
  • Gutters – Gutters are essential for the home in helping to maintain the foundation and to allow the water to run properly off the roof. In the wintertime, the gutters can get jammed with ice and cause problems.  The best way to prevent ice build-up is to keep the gutters clean in the fall – clearing it of debris will go a long way when the snow is melting off your roof.  Keeping the roof clean of snow with a roof rake (if possible) is another great option.

If you’re interested in learning more ways to keep the exterior of your home in good shape throughout the winter or you would like to utilize the services of Mario Brothers Home Improvement to tackle these projects, give us a call today!