From a simple lighting design to an extravagant holiday display, everyone who chooses to place holiday decorations on the outside of their home has a different vision.  Each year we tackle the colder weather to put up decorations and then we must take them all down.  While beautiful, this task can be daunting and sometimes dangerous.

To avoid any holiday mishaps, consider hiring Mario Brothers Home Improvement to help you hang the holiday decorations and set up displays on the outside of your home.  Here are a few examples of what can offer:

  • Roofline Lights – You can avoid climbing the ladder to dangerous heights to hang lights on the roofline of your home.
  • Outlining Features – From your driveway to the architectural features of the home, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can secure lights safely around the exterior of your home including the doorway and walkway.
  • Holiday Displays – Santa and his reindeer on the roof? Manger on the front yard?  We can help build and secure these holiday displays so they last through the holiday season.
  • Flood Lighting – Flood lights make great features to lighting up an exterior tree.
  • Candy Cane Effects – From trees to posts, we can hang your holiday lights to create a candy cane effect.

The holidays can be a stressful time but one call to Mario Brothers Home Improvement can help alleviate the burden of setting up your holiday decorations outside.