When you think home improvement projects, remodeling and maintaining, the garage is often left off the list or neglected leaving you with a generally messy garage that you’ve learned to deal with other than organize and maintain.  There are also the situations where the kids whose basketball or hockey pucks or even Mother Nature’s hail have left unsightly dents in your garage door.

Contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement and we can discuss a few additions and changes that can help improve your garage both aesthetically and physically.

Sometimes we end up using our garage for storage space while our car is left in the driveway.  Mario Brothers Home Improvement can give you ways to maximize storage space so that you don’t have to scrape your windows in the wintertime while boxes sit idly in your garage parking spot.  Simple installations like shelving units within the garage or turning your attic into a storage area will ensure you have a spot for holiday decorations other than right next to your car.

More serious problems in a garage may be a leaky roof or leaky window that can cause structural damage to the garage.  Mario Brothers Home Improvement can help ensure your garage is clean and well-maintained.

Garage Improvement Ideas:

  • Shelves/Cabinets – Sporting equipment, tools and Christmas lights can be stored off the floors and tucked neatly on installed shelves or cabinets. Cabinets are perfect for keeping the items out-of-sight and safe and shelves are ideal for those items you don’t mind having out in the open and easy to access.
  • Hooks/Racks – From bikes to rakes to tools, using the spot on the walls or even the ceiling can offer convenience in storing the items you want to keep out of the house but inside the garage. From gardening tools to saws, hammers and shovels, hooks make storing convenient and easy.
  • Roof/Windows – Leaky roofs or windows can damage the structure of the home causing rotting wood or freezing water in the wintertime. If you notice any damage or want an assessment, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement.

Contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement and beginning sorting and cleaning out your garage to maximize space and to always make sure that you have a covered spot for your car when the winter and summer storms blow through town.