Whether you’re using your den for office space, a separate living room or it’s where you want people to gather, there’s plenty of great things you can do to the den to make it become a more enjoyable and stylish place to be while also adding value to your home.

At Mario Brothers Home Improvement, we can provide you with the services needed to make your den a great room in the home.  Whether you’re looking for a custom-built entertainment center, mounted fixtures, new walls, new flooring, additional lighting or more, trust the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement to get the job done right and in a timely manner.

Here are a few examples of the services Mario Brothers Home Improvement can provide for your den:

  • Custom Carpentry – From an entertainment center to a desk to just some shelving on the wall, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can build it for you.
  • Drywall/Wallpaper Removal – If the drywall needs repairing or wallpaper needs to be removed, leave the headaches to us. We can ensure the unsightly cracks and holes from kids and previously-mounted pictures are patched up.
  • Crown Molding – If you want to add a little style to the den, consider custom molding. Mario Brothers Home Improvement can install crown molding or even faux crown molding to help add value to the room and the home.  We can even paint it too!
  • Ceiling Fan – Ceiling fans are a great addition to almost any room and they can add value to the home overall. By ceiling fans keeping you cooler in the summer and the heat circulating in the winter, they also make your home more energy efficient and thus lowering your utility bills.
  • Electrical Work – Whether installing more lighting or ensuring that you have a convenient spot to plug in your laptop or TV, the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement can wire your den so that you can turn the room into a place to work, watch TV or just kick back and read a book.

There are many ways to help turn an often unused room like the den into a more appealing spot for you and your family.  To talk more about the options available for your den or to learn more about these services, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement today!