Crown Molding

If you’re looking to add value to your home or enhance your kitchen, living room or den with style then consider having Mario Brothers Home Improvement install crown molding for you.  Crown molding can add lots of charm and appeal to a room but the installation and painting can be really time-consuming.  Whether you’re repainting your living room or want to add crown molding to a room, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement today. There are various styles and types of crown molding to consider.

  • Wood – If you’re looking for that natural look then wood is what you would. Most are paintable so they can match the existing look of your room.
  • Fiberboard – The type of crown molding is less expensive and easier to paint.
  • Plaster – The most versatile, plaster crown molding can be customized to match the design best suited for your room.

There are also various sizes to consider as well.  Crown molding can drop down in various lengths to accommodate the walls in your room. If you’re ready to install, repair or replace the crown molding in your home or want to inquire which crown molding works best in the rooms in your house, contact the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement.

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