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Attic Repair and Maintenance

The attic is an often unseen, often neglected part of your home but it offers plenty of usefulness and requires maintenance. The attic can affect your energy bill, air quality and the integrity of your roof.

Bathroom Home Repairs

From small installations and repairs to an entire remodeling of your bathroom, Mario Brothers Home Improvement is your one-stop shop to complete any project both big and small.


Whether you’re looking for a custom entertainment center, work station, crown molding installation or railing installation, using the carpentry services at Mario Brothers Home Improvement will provide you with a unique fixture for your home.

Door Installation & Repair

Almost every room has one and each one adds a different sense of look and feel. Simply put, doors are important to a home. When it comes to door installation, maintenance and repair, let Mario Brothers Home Improvement work for you.


When it comes to repairing those unsightly holes in the drywall from moving furniture or previously mounted televisions, utilize the services of Mario Brothers Home Improvement.

Electrical Services

Electricity is the lifeblood of the household. From running refrigerators to keeping the internet streaming through, we depend on electricity and expect to have it consistently running in our homes with the exception being that summer thunderstorm that knocks out the power for a day or so.

Energy Efficient

You’ve read the articles on how to make your home more energy efficient and you’re friends and family have made suggestions, now it’s time to take some action.

Floor Installation

Have you ever considered changing the carpet in your living room into hardwood? Or upgrading your old bathroom tile into a beautiful ceramic or marble floor?


When you think home improvement projects, remodeling and maintaining, the garage is often left off the list or neglected leaving you with a generally messy garage that you’ve learned to deal with other than organize and maintain.

Indoor Home Maintenance

Below is a list of a few key areas of the home that Mario Brothers Home Improvement recommend you pay attention to and maintain so that you can maximize the value of your home as well as maintain a cozy and desirable place to live.



Whether you want to repair the windows in your kitchen, change up the lighting fixtures or do a complete remodeling of the tile floors, cabinets and countertops.

Outdoor Home Repairs

Keeping the outside of your home maintained and looking nice can be a daunting task. Those weekend rain storms can ruin plans for yard work and early snow and cold can leave a yard full of leaves needing to be taken care of in the spring time.

Painting and Staining

Let’s face it, painting can be a daunting and exhausting task. Setting aside a whole day to paint a single room is by far not how you would want to spend your Saturday.

Plumbing Services

From the bathroom tub to the kitchen sink, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can provide you with the plumbing services you need to maintain, repair and replace the pipes, fixtures and more in a variety of the rooms in your home.

Tile Installation

When it comes to tile installation, make Mario Brothers Home Improvement your go-to team to get the job done right and on-time for you.


It’s no exaggeration that the roof is one of the most important parts of the home. It’s literally the thing that covers you. But roof problems can happen.