Electrical Services


Electricity is the lifeblood of the household.  From running refrigerators to keeping the internet streaming through, we depend on electricity and expect to have it consistently running in our homes with the exception being that summer thunderstorm that knocks out the power for a day or so.

Electrical services should be handled by a professional electrician who knows how to wire the home so that the power runs consistently with no problems.  At the minimum an electrical issue could short out some of your appliances but the worst of the worst could result in a major fire.

Safety is very important so when it comes to maintaining, replacing, repairing or adding electrical services to your house, trust your home to the experts at Mario Brothers Home Improvement.

Mario Brothers Home Improvement Services Includes:

  • Basic Electrical Upgrades – Old wires can cause issues so it’s important to maintain and even replace the wires in your home as they age. Also, if you wanted to set up a new outlet or add a dimmer to your bedroom or living lights, we can ensure that the upgrades are done quickly and professionally.
  • Adding/Replacing Fixtures – From ceiling fans and bathroom fans to chandeliers and additional lighting, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can ensure that your fixtures are professionally installed and wired correctly. A ceiling fan can increase the energy efficiency in your home and provide a nice ambience as well.  A bathroom fan is ideal for reducing moisture and therefore minimizing mold and mildew.
  • Efficient Wiring – Do you find that you blow fuses when you use too much electricity in one part of the house? Mario Brothers Home Improvement can rewire the fuse box so you get the right amount of electricity to the right circuits so you don’t consistently blow a fuse.

There may be some local and state licensing requirements and legal guidelines that must be met when installing or working with electricity so make sure to use a certified professional for your services.  At Mario Brothers Home Improvement, our experts will ensure that your home’s electricity runs smoothly and efficiently.