Attic Repair and Maintenance

The attic is an often unseen, often neglected part of your home but it offers plenty of usefulness and requires maintenance.  The attic can affect your energy bill, air quality and the integrity of your roof.  The attic can be an energy waster or energy saver.  In the summertime, the attic will often hold a lot of heat long after the sun has set and bring a chill from above on those frigid winter nights. Maintaining your attic now can save money down the line by reducing the chances of costly repairs.  In order to keep your attic in good condition, Mario Brothers Home Improvement recommends these five maintenance tips and projects to maximize the efficiency of your attic and to keep it in good condition:

  • Insulation Repair/Replacement – When you have sufficient insulation, your attic can combat the overwhelming heat in the summer and cold in the winter to help prevent those energy bills from spiking during peak periods.

Find out more about insulation here.

  • Roof/Ceiling Maintenance – With the roof/ceiling, you’re dealing with both the inside and outside of the home. If there are cracks or holes then mold, mildew and rot can settle in after a leak.  Taking care of these issues can help keep insects from invading your home from above.
  • Attic and Roof Vent Maintenance – In the summertime, cleaned vents will ensure greater air flow so the stifling heat doesn’t plague the top of your house.

An attic fan is a great investment to help keep your home cooler and energy bills lower.

  • Wood Rot – Leaks and moisture build-up can cause rotting wood which should be replaced before it becomes a major issue.
  • Electrical Equipment Maintenance – It’s likely that your attic contains electrical equipment vital your home. It’s important to maintain the exposed electrical works in order to prevent major damage due to leaks or moisture.

If you have any questions regarding the above maintenance points or you’re looking to make repairs, just contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement and we will be happy to speak with you. Increase Your Space! The attic is often unused square footage that you can utilize for storage.  The simple addition of stairs, ladders and flooring can turn the space above your ceiling into an easily accessible storage area! Here are a few steps that can maximize the use of your Attic:

  • Install flooring
  • Add or replace insulation
  • Install stairs or ladder
  • Install light fixtures

For any issues or questions, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement today!