Whether you want to repair the windows in your kitchen, change up the lighting fixtures or do a complete remodeling of the tile floors, cabinets and countertops, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can be your one-stop professional to completing your kitchen tasks in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Because we are apt to spend so much time in the kitchen, finding the right time to make repairs or remodel is often quite difficult but with Mario Brothers Home Improvement, we can help make the minor repairs, the major remodeling and the general maintenance less burdensome.

Here are a few tips and ideas to maximize the life and appeal of your kitchen:

  • Ceramic Tiles – Ceramic Tiles are not only beautiful but they are both slip-resistant and fire-resistant – perfect for the kitchen! Beyond the floor, tiles make great ideas for the backsplash area around your counters.  Whether you need to fix a chipped tile or replace the floors, Mario Brothers Home Improvement has the professionals to meet your needs.
  • Countertops – Laminate, marble, quartz, wood and more! The possibilities are endless in making the countertops in your kitchen shine.  With custom features like a chopping block available, you can have magnificent new countertops in your kitchen just how you want them and convenient to your cooking needs!
  • Cabinets – Replace old cabinets or fix scratches and scrapes on your current cabinets. Mario Brothers Home Improvement can do it for you.

Simple upgrades to your cabinets or flooring can be the cost-effective approach to remodeling your kitchen.  With these small tasks complete, you’ll be able to enjoy the kitchen more fully and not have to worry about spending the time and money on a major renovation.

A small maintenance tip from Mario Brothers Home Improvement that can go a long way:  Make sure to keep the surface areas, from the stove to the countertops to the floor, clean so that you have a healthy kitchen with minimal exposure to bacteria.  Since lots of water from the sink to the steaming pot on the stove is present, always be aware of growing mold or mildew.

For all your kitchen maintenance, repair and remodeling needs, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement today.

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