Whether you’re new to the Livonia area and you want some upgrades to your recently-purchased home or you’re looking for remodels and renovations around your current home, contact the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvements for all your home improvement needs.  We hire licensed and insured expert handyman contractors in Livonia for everything from drywall and painting to carpentry and plumbing.


From installing and helping to maintain a new deck to complete kitchen renovations, our experts can handle any job, anytime, anywhere.  Just give us a call!


Here are just a few of the many services we offer and areas of the home that Mario Brothers Home Improvements covers:



  • Den – If you’ve ever considered having a space where you can work then a den is a great spot to turn into your home office. Our carpenters can help build desks, cabinets and shelves for you and our electricians can rewire so you have the proper lighting.
  • Living Room – Whether you want a cozier atmosphere for the family to gather or you want to install some crown molding to help add value to the home, there are many ways to spruce up your living room. Even adding a ceiling fan is great for value and can lower utility bills.


  • Energy Efficiency – Updated insulation, new windows or even adding a ceiling fan can help decrease energy bills and increase value and energy efficiency. Simple additions like insulated pipes are also great ways to keep your home as efficient as possible.
  • Leaky Pipes – Our licensed plumbers can fix leaky pipes and help ensure that there is no underlying issues that require attention. Fixing a leaky sink can help save over 200 gallons of water per year!


Make Mario Brothers Home Improvements your handyman for all the projects in your Livonia home. From small additions like patching up drywall to large home remodels, we have the contractors to help repair, upgrade and renovate any part of your house both inside and out.


The city of Livonia is such a great metro Detroit suburb filled with family-owned restaurants and shops, movie theaters, malls, parks and more.  You’re less than thirty minutes to downtown Detroit and you’re close to other great suburbs like Farmington Hills and Plymouth.  On the west side of Livonia you’ll find a ton of great shopping, dining and entertainment options.  There are 2 movie theaters, the Laurel Park Place Mall with over 70 specialty shops and lots of unique restaurants boasting flavors from all over the world.


The Livonia Public Schools are excellent too.  If you have children, raising them in Livonia puts them in a place with cultural diversity and lots of activities.  Many of the subdivisions have parks and playgrounds, sidewalks and a friendly vibe.  On the opposite side of I-275 is Plymouth which features a charming downtown area with boutique shops, walkable streets and many art fairs and festivals all year long.


If you own a home in Livonia and you’re looking to make some upgrades or you’ve just moved to this vibrant community and want to make your new house your home, contact the local and friendly contractors at Mario Brothers Home Improvements for all your construction needs.