When it comes to the walls and ceilings of your home you’ll have the option of drywall or plaster.  Depending on the look and the budget you have for the room, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to choosing between plaster and drywall.

Whether you choose drywall or plaster for your home, have the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement take care of the job for you.


  • Advantages – Less expensive while also providing options for insulation making drywall the more energy efficient option. While labor intensive it takes less time to hang than plaster.
  • Disadvantages – Drywall isn’t a very good sound barrier and is more labor intensive.


  • Advantages – Plaster is the more high-end option and can add more personality to the home. It is more sound-resistant which can be very beneficial with children.
  • Disadvantages – The process for hanging plaster is labor intensive and may not afford the opportunity for insulation making the utility bills a little higher. Whereas drywall has sheets to hang, plaster requires special training and skills.

For your plaster or drywall needs, have the professional installers at Mario Brothers Home Improvement take care of this service for you.