It may not seem like much to hang a picture on the wall but if you need to hang pictures in heavy frames or multiple pictures there are a few ways to maximize the look and ensure that they complement the room without negatively affecting the drywall. If you’re looking to hang many pictures or have heavy frames, consider having Mario Brothers Home Improvement take care of this task for you. Drywall hanging tips:

  • When hanging pictures in drywall, be aware of the weight of the frame. Drywall can’t handle heavy frames very well so you’ll want to hang the picture where the stud is so it doesn’t collapse to the floor.
  • Fasteners are great at easing the burden of a heavy frame.
  • If you have to pull a picture from the wall or the wall gets damaged, drywall is easy to repair.

Whether you need help repairing the drywall, hanging pictures or general wall maintenance, hire the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement to get the project off of your to-do list.

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