What is popcorn drywall?  Have you ever looked up at a ceiling and it has a texture to it?  That spongy, popcorn look is called popcorn drywall and it can be used to accomplish anything from hiding defects in the drywall itself to enhancing the aesthetic of a room.  If you would like to have popcorn drywall on your ceilings then contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement to complete this service.

Popular in the 1970’s, popcorn drywall has been associated with asbestos so if you plan on removing you’ll certainly need to have a professional take care of it due to its harmful effects.  If you wish to remove your popcorn drywall then you’re looking at some work involving scraping and sanding.  Instead of dealing with this yourself, have the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement do this task for you.  We can also repaint, repair the drywall and manage the fixtures so that you have the room you deserve.

Whether you’re looking to add popcorn drywall in the den, living room or bedroom, have Mario Brothers Home Improvement do the work for you.

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