The deck is one of the main features of the backyard: it’s where we entertain, leisurely kick back with a good book or just simply enjoy the outdoors.  Keeping it protected and maintained throughout the wintertime is key to having it last for many years.

The first thing you should do is pour little bits of water around areas of the deck to see if it soaks through the wood or forms a puddle.  Soaking through means you should have the deck resealed before winter comes.

Here are a few services Mario Brothers Home Improvement recommends to winterize your deck:

  • Power Washing – This will help clear debris and dirt
  • Staining – If necessary, stain the deck in damaged spots.
  • Reseal – If your deck is comprised of wood that hasn’t been finished then consider resealing the deck.

These simple steps can mean a great deal in the life of your deck.  Mario Brothers Home Improvement can inspect your deck and take the necessary steps to winterize and maintain it to ensure the integrity of your deck.