If you’re looking to have an updated look in your kitchen but don’t want to install new cabinets then consider cabinet refacing.  This cost-effective project is ideal for those who like the layout but want to change things up a bit.

Cabinet Refacing involves keeping your cabinets’ frames intact while covering all cabinet surfaces with a new thin, pre-finished wood veneer.  You can also replace cabinet drawers and fronts with new finished ones.  Unfinished doors, drawers and veneers will have to have the proper maintenance done (sanding, painting, staining) before they are applied.

While cabinet refacing is a project an individual can do over a weekend, if you’re looking to have this task done by a professional, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement.  We can go through all the steps and help you pick out the ideal cabinet surfaces that will maximize the feel you have for your kitchen.

If you decide to reface your cabinets as part of a cost-effective upgrade, here are a few other ideas from Mario Brothers Home Improvement to help update the look of your kitchen:

  • New Backsplash
  • Update Tiles
  • New Doors