The cabinets in your kitchen are going to be the main piece of the room and most likely take up the greatest portion of your budget (some estimates are at 35-40% of a complete renovation).  Mario Brothers Home Improvement can offer a few tips when it comes to deciding on this important piece of your kitchen.

  • Hardware – The hardware on your cabinets like knobs, handles, etc. are essential at making your cabinets and drawers look beautiful. Try getting some samples and see how they look in your kitchen as opposed to under the fluorescent store lights, in a catalog or online.
  • The Right Fit – Cabinets are like giant Legos that need to be pieced together and fit correctly. Mario Brothers Home Improvement can take these measurements for you so that the order is placed correctly.  With so many parts involved with a cabinet, we recommend you leave this piece to a professional.
  • Warranty – Whether lifetime warranty or five years, we recommend ensuring that your cabinets have a warranty against defects or other issues.

If you’re looking to install new cabinets as part of your kitchen renovation, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement and see how we can help you build the kitchen of your dreams.