When it comes to baby-proofing your home you can cover as many bases as you want but the truth is that the child will probably find something you missed.  They’re curious little creatures that seem attracted to cords, cables, electrical sockets and more.  If you’re looking to baby proof your living room, there are a couple tips that Mario Brothers Home Improvement can offer.

  • Cabinets and Entertainment Centers – As your baby grows they’ll have a learning curve on trying to be steady. They’ll try use everything from the coffee table to the TV stand to balance themselves so be prepared. One was is to make sure the furniture isn’t top heavy. Mario Brothers Home Improvement can also build a customized entertainment center to make it more difficult for them to pull at cords or hit their heads on the edges of a TV stand.  The cabinets and entertainment center can also have child protectors on the doors to protect them from the contents inside or from jamming their fingers.
  • Electrical Outlet – The quick and easy fix is a plastic plug that goes into the socket but you can also install a solid sheet to cover the outlet itself.

Overall, by keeping an eye on your child and seeing what they go toward is a great way to prevent them from being injured.  Contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement for additional ways to baby-proof your living room and other rooms in the house.