Whether you want to replace, repair or install wallpaper in your home, have the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement take care of this project for you.  Removing wallpaper can be a very tedious and frustrating task so instead of putting yourself through the hassle of removing wallpaper, give us a call.  We can ensure that the wallpaper is removed properly and help with repairs to the wall and even paint it if you’re looking to be wallpaper-free.

The other option is wallpaper installation.  Also a time-consuming task, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can help you choose the right wallpaper to maximize the appeal of the living room so that you get the look you desire.  Mario Brothers Home Improvement has the experts to meticulously place the wallpaper up and ensure that it look great.

So, if you’re looking to get rid of wallpaper altogether, update the existing wallpapered wall or looking to add fresh new wallpaper to your living room, call Mario Brothers Home Improvement and let us help you with your home renovations and upgrades.