If you’re looking to add some space to your living room or you just want to have a more open concept then have Mario Brothers Home Improvement help create the open concept living you desire.  Turning your existing home into a home with a more open concept is quite the project so make sure you’re okay with not having access to the living room for a few days. Here are a few examples of what Mario Brothers Home Improvement can accomplish to create the open concept:

  • Supporting Walls – Knock down supporting walls to create the open concept. Since there are load-bearing walls, duct work and pipes running behind the drywall, make sure to have a professional do the work for you.
  • Archways – If you have a doorway between two rooms you can consider an archway to replace the door to help open it up.

For more ideas or to discuss making your living room more open concept, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement today!