Crown molding is great if you really want to frame a room and increase the value and appeal of your home. Beyond the ceilings, there are a few great spots in the living room where you can install crown molding to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Here are a few examples of spots in your living room where crown molding can be installed:

  • Fireplace – Crown molding can really showcase a fireplace and double as a mantle.
  • Bookcases or cabinets – Instead of a bookcase or cabinets simply ending at the ceiling or leaving a small space, crown molding can really help tie the bookcase or shelving to the rest of the room.
  • Windows – Sometimes a little crown molding above the window can help increase the beauty of a room.

Whether you want crown molding installed, painted or repaired, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement to complete the job.  We will happily discuss ideas for crown molding and help you decide which works best in your living room.  From smaller jobs over the window to the entire frame of the ceiling, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can take care of all of your crown molding needs.

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