Puppies are adorable but will often cause trouble in unsuspecting spots throughout the home.  From potty-training to general damage, here are a few tips from Mario Brothers Home Improvement to help reduce the chances of your puppy wreaking havoc and what to do if they cause damage.

  • Floors – Carpet cleaners and potty pads are recommended to have around at all times. Urine can damage carpet and seep through the hardwood floors – and let’s not forget the smell.  Take care of them right away to minimize any long-lasting effects.
  • Fix Right Away – Small holes in the drywall can become big quickly. Whatever damage your puppy does, make sure they don’t have the opportunity to extend it.
  • Doggy Doors – Your puppy will feel freer if you’ve installed a doggy door. This will help in training when they need to go out and allow them run around if they need to burn off some energy – puppies have a lot of this.  Just make sure your yard is fenced-in.

One other recommendation is to have your puppy’s nails clipped regularly.  This will give them one less tool to scratch away at the furniture, doors and couches.

If you need some help preparing for a new puppy or need some repair work done, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement and we would be happy to make things a little easier in the puppy training process.