Shower Door Installation

There are many ways to help add value to your home such as remodeling and installing new fixtures.  One way to upgrade your bathroom without spending the money and time for an entire remodeling is to have Mario Brothers Home Improvement install a shower door.

Whether you’re replacing an existing shower door or want to have the enclosure added then allow Mario Brothers Home Improvement to be your go-to team for your next project.  There are many styles to choose from like an all clear glass door, a smoked-glass door or one with color or even ones that slide open.

One of the benefits to having a shower glass door as oppose to a shower curtain, especially if you have just a single shower set-up, is the reduction of mold and mildew.  Shower curtains can constantly be plagued with discoloration and mold which requires constant replacement but a glass shower door requires little maintenance and can add a decorative appeal to the bathroom especially if you’re upgrading the tiles in your shower too.

To find out the varieties of shower doors available and for helping to choose the right one for your home, call the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement today.

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