When a storm blows through town it can cause some minor to serious damage to the outside of a home.  If you’re a victim to the latest front coming through here are a few ways that Mario Brothers Home Improvement recommends you assess the damage to see what repairs may be needed:

  • Walls – While major structural damage is unlikely unless a tornado rips through, some drywall issues may occur if water leaks in or siding may be blown off. These are usually not very severe but should be taken care of before it becomes serious.
  • Gutters – Strong winds, heavy rain or hail may cause gutters to have to be repaired. You should be able to see any major damage to gutters but it’s also worth heading up and checking to see if the gutters need to be cleaned out of debris or leaves.
  • Deck – Deck’s should mainly stay intact unless dangerously high winds, hail or a tornado comes through. It’s worth walking around on the deck lightly after a major storm to ensure that the structural integrity is still intact.

If you want to have your home checked out after a major storm or you need to have repairs made contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement to complete your work.