Gutters are a very important feature to the home.  When you have gutters you can expect to have reduced chances of foundation damage, basement leaks and even the possibility of less insects.

If you have gutters they are important to have maintained and cleaned out so that rain water or melting snow can safely be moved away from the house.

Benefits of Maintained Gutters:

  • Less Opportunity for Home Damage – Moving water away from the home means that the soil will stay in place and reduce the chances for foundation problems to occur or basement leaks to take place. Inefficient gutters can even cause gutter ice which can cause structural damage.
  • Protection for Pavement – Areas like the driveway, porch, patio and more will stay intact much longer since there is less of an opportunity for soil to be washed away or erode.
  • Less Mosquitos – Mosquitos thrive on standing water. If your gutters are clogged, mosquitos may find these small pools of water ideal spots to call home.

Consider having Mario Brothers Home Improvement provide gutter maintenance and installation so that the integrity of your home remains intact for years to come.  When cleaning out your gutters, remember safety first.