Firepits make a great addition to the exterior of the home.  They can be a lot of fun in the summertime when you want to have friends over and roast some marshmallows or for doing a little barbequing.  Before purchasing or installing a firepit, it’s important to make sure that the city you live in allows you to have an open flame.

There are many kinds of firepits.  Some you can take on a camping trip or temporarily place in the driveway.  Other firepits can be installed in the backyard and be a permanent fixture and attraction to your home.  With stone and brick surrounding it on a backyard patio, a firepit can be very pleasing visually and a lot of fun almost any time a year (if you want to brave the snow and cold).

It’s extremely important to practice safety around the firepit.  This may mean buying a spark screen, having a fire extinguisher nearby, making sure the fire is completely out before heading inside or, if it’s a small yard, maybe forgoing it altogether.

If you’re interested in having a firepit installed in your backyard, contact the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement to ensure the firepit is properly installed and safe to use.