Deck Staining Professional

To ensure that you can enjoy the full life of your deck, you should consider staining your deck every five to seven years.  If you choose to use a professional service like Mario Brothers Home Improvement, we can help make your deck look good and lasts a long time.

Many people choose to stain their own deck.  If you want to tackle the project on your own, there are a few tips that Mario Brothers Home Improvement can recommend:

  • Staining isn’t always necessary. Pour some water on spots throughout the deck.  Wait about ten minutes and, if the water beads, then you don’t have to take the time to stain yet.
  • Power wash the deck to make it free from any dirt or debris prior to staining. Previous stain doesn’t necessarily need to be stripped but the deck should be cleaned.
  • Moisture and water can ruin a staining before it has a chance to dry. Make sure the deck is completely dry before starting and check the weather forecast for the next couple days.  Ideally you should have two days of dry weather to maximize staining.

If you want some help staining your deck or prefer to have someone do this project for you, contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement.