When it comes to the deck in our backyards many of us opt for bringing out furniture like outdoor seats and tables but have you considered installing deck seating?  At Mario Brothers Home Improvement we can install deck seating – a bench that is attached directly to the deck – that helps keep with the appeal of the deck and means you won’t have to lug it in when winter comes around.

If you have deck seating, it’s important to maintain it and ensure there aren’t any issues.  Some older deck seating may require fresh paint or staining while deck seating with rotted or warped wood should be replaced.

Your deck seating should have the same type of wood as the rest of the deck as well as be stained similarly.  Matching the sealant/stain with the rest of the deck will ensure that your deck looks fresh and beautiful.

If you would like a professional to install deck seating or help maintain or replace your current deck seating, contact the experts at Mario Brothers Home Improvement.