What Inexpensive Home Improvements Can You Make to Boost Home Value?

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Whether you want to sell your home in the short term or you just want to refinance it, you need that home value to come up. There’s some good news. Home values throughout the area are growing and that means you already have the ability to benefit in this way. However, with a few home improvement projects, you may be able to see your home value climb a bit faster, giving you better access to the price you think your home should be at right now.

Home Improvement Tools

Looking for Affordable Upgrades?

These are some of the best home improvements for boosting your home’s value without actually having to spend a lot of money to do so. Remember, you should only make upgrades that you know you will appreciate and that, ultimately, are right for the way you use your home.

  • Give the exterior a facelift with new siding if it is in bad condition or new paint. You can also improve the exterior by removing overgrown bushes and landscaping. Creating a more pleasant curbside appeal really matters.
  • Add more light into your home. In some cases, this may mean getting rid of those heavy drapes and using something lighter. In other cases, new fixtures can be exactly what you need.
  • Reface your kitchen cabinetry. Depending on the type of cabinets you have, you may wish to paint them. In other cases, you may get back more by re-facing them with new material.
  • Clean up and remodel the bathroom. This is one area of the home where you may get back 100 percent of what you put into the remodel or upgrade.
  • Add more storage. This may be in the form of more cabinetry or more closet space. Keeping the area organized can also be an attractive feature.

It may be a bit easier than you think to make a few home improvements to boost the value of your home!

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