The Best Home Improvement Projects to Save Money in Michigan

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It’s time to make some upgrades to your Michigan home. The good news is you have plenty of opportunities to turn your home into exactly what you want it to be. And, with the right contractors at hand, you may be able to customize your home to meet any goals you have within a budget you establish. But, what upgrades can and should you make to turn your home into an energy-efficient space? In Michigan, there are several things to consider.


Focus on the Windows

Windows are one of the most significant sources of air leaks in a home. If you are heating or cooling air, and it is leaking outdoors or air is allowed to enter the space, you are wasting money. New energy efficient windows can help to protect against UV rays as well. That can make a big difference to your comfort and health.

Go Solar

Michigan homeowners do have solar energy solutions available to them. Though the rough winters may not make it easy to get this type of consistency, new technology is available. Solar has also dropped in price significantly and does not require as many panels to produce enough energy to power your home. It’s a fantastic way to cut your energy costs.

Think Roofing

Though you may have thought to upgrade your insulation to add more warmth to your home, do not forget to consider your roofing as well. New roofing can help to reduce your home’s energy loss through attic space. You’ll also find that newer products do a better job of deflecting the sun’s rays, making it easier to cool your home during the summer.

These are just a few of the many upgrades and modifications you can make to manage your home’s energy needs. In Michigan, home improvement projects like this can also add a great deal of value to your home, making them very much worthwhile.

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