Michigan Home Improvement Tips: Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficient Michigan Home Improvement Projects

There is a growing trend in the Michigan area for installing energy efficient upgrades to homes. If you live in Michigan, you may think that it’s too cold or that there are too many days where the sun isn’t shining to take advantage of such upgrades. However, that is no longer the case. And, it is more affordable than ever to install energy efficient upgrades in your home. What options should you consider? If you are doing some home improvements in your Michigan home, consider a few tips for upgrading your efficiency.

Energy Efficient Michigan Home Improvement Projects

Look at Doors and Windows

Perhaps the best place to start with energy efficiency upgrades is the actual doors and windows to your home. These open areas allow the most heated and cooled air to pass through it. Upgrade to newer windows and doors if yours are more than 10 years old or there are significant air gaps.

Roofing Upgrades

The roof is an excellent place to look for improved efficiency. The investment in metal or asphalt reflective roofing could be the ideal choice. These tend to offer the most improvement on energy needs. However, you will also find newer materials often are much more efficient than roofs installed even 10 years ago.

You can also check out the benefits of solar panels. Adding these to your roof is easier than ever especially if you are upgrading your roof at this time. Solar panels are also much more affordable now than they have been in the last three to four years. And, they can work well even in Michigan.

What’s more, if you are planning any of these or other types of Energy Star approved upgrades to your home in Michigan, it may qualify you for help through Michigan Saves. These are home energy loans that can help you to make upgrades affordably. There are many additional options available that can also be included in your next renovation.

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