basement-interactive-houseA basement can mean many things to many people.  They can be the scary part under your home with concrete walls, a furnace, a fuse box and spiderwebs or they can be a wonderful play room for the kids, a cozy TV room for the family and friends as well as a great storage area.  If it’s a walk-out basement, you can even turn the basement into an additional bedroom.

If you’re looking to finish your basement, upgrade your existing basement or ensure that it’s a safe place to hang out then contact the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvements.  We can do everything from building cabinets to installing drywall and new lighting.  We can even help maintain the basement so you have minimal mold growth and optimal heating and cooling.

Upgrades and Improvements:

  • Cabinets – Installing cabinets can offer excellent storage space so that you can declutter and keep holiday decorations in an ideal spot.
  • Drywall – Whether replacing drywall or putting up drywall to help finish your basement, Mario Brothers Home Improvements can install and even paint drywall to maximize the environment and increase the home’s value. We can also fix holes due to rambunctious kids!
  • Electrical Services – Whether rewiring to enhance the lighting in your basement or replacing old wires, make sure a professional handles this dangerous aspect of the home to ensure everything is safe and up-to-code.


  • Insulation – Whether you want insulation behind the drywall or just insulation around the pipes for added protection when it’s cold in the winter, Mario Brothers Home Improvements can install insulation for you. Adding insulation around your water pipes will minimize condensation and keeps the water running through them warmer which in turn will save water and heating costs for hot water.
  • Mold – Basements are damp and cool providing mold and mildew ample opportunity to grow and flourish. With some preventative maintenance, you can minimize mold growth and ensure that your basement looks and smells good as well as be a safe place to hang out.

From the smallest repairs to the biggest remodeling projects, make your basement as cozy and comfortable as can be with the help of Mario Brothers Home Improvements.  Give us a call today at 248-720-1979 to get started!