Best Bang for Your Buck Michigan Home Improvement Projects

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Michigan Kitchen Upgrades

Michigan homeowners are often very savvy. When upgrading and renovating their homes, they know the value of any project. That is not just the cost of the project’s completion, but also the overall value it adds to the home. It is your home and for that reason you should feel great about customizing it in any way that fits your needs. But, don’t forget to take a look at which projects can add the most value to your home.
Michigan Kitchen Upgrades


Add a Bedroom to the Attic

One of the most interesting and unique ways to add value to a home is to add a bedroom to it. Look upwards for help. Attic bedrooms can be inexpensive investments, but they can boost your home’s value by nearly as much as they cost.

Renovate and Upgrade the Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are often very valuable, but only if you are renovating an older kitchen into something more modern and functional. If your kitchen isn’t very old or worn, it may not get the highest return. However, it can still add significant value and it is a key selling point if you plan to sell later.

Other Top Projects

Remodel the basement and you could see about 75 percent of the cost to do so added to your home. Bathroom additions are a fantastic way to add value especially if the home has just one or two. Other projects to consider include adding a generator, remodeling the bathroom, adding a composite deck to the backyard, replacing the entry door, and adding energy efficient appliances.

Home improvement projects should always focus on improving the value of a home to you and that means making it more of your own. But these projects tend to provide some of the biggest value to you when you do upgrade and may be perfect for those who plan to sell in the future.

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