Wood Rot and Dry Repair near Novi

The best way to avoid costly repairs in the future is to inspect and maintain the wood around your home.  You should be visually inspecting the wood on the exterior of your home annually in order to find issues and get them taken care of before they become a major problem.

What causes a wood to rot?  Simply, fungi grows and digests parts of the wood causing it to lose its strength and stiffness.

Mario Brothers Home Improvement suggests inspecting these areas at least once a year:

  • Deck – make sure to remove debris like leaves and twigs from between planks.
  • Windowsill and Door Frames – these areas, especially around the soffits and fascia boards, will show early signs of water damage.
  • Wood Close to the Ground – Wood that is close to the ground can be susceptible to dry rot or fungus growth.

Some fixes are easy and are due to the elements while others may be more underlying problems like bad gutters, general water damage and pooling water.  If you want a professional to inspect your home then contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement and let us help you prevent wood rot and dry rot.