Often overlooked but very important, the soffit and fascia (the wooden beam that connects your roof to the gutters) when damaged can indicate problems that need fixing on the exterior of the home.

The main indication that there’s an issue is water damage.

Loose paint underneath the roof’s overhang is a classic sign caused when rain water or melting snow soaks through the boards of the fascia.  This could be a gutter issue.  When water doesn’t shed properly, it can go through the soffits and fascia which can rot wood, peel paint and even cause the gutters to separate from the home.

Damage to the soffit and fascia may also be caused by:

  • Ice dams – In the wintertime, gutter ice may cause the melting snow to move underneath the roof shingles and soak through.
  • Gutters Hung Incorrectly
  • Blocked Gutters – Maintenance in the fall will help relieve this issue.
  • Roof and Shingle Damage

At Mario Brothers Home Improvement we can inspect and locate the problem that is damaging the soffit and fascia and replace and repair what is necessary.   Fixing this issue early will help prevent major structural damage which can be costly if not handled in a timely manner.