Maximizing the appeal of your home prior to selling it will help get you the best offer possible.  Mario Brothers Home Improvement makes the following recommendations to help get you the most out of your sale:

  • Touch Ups – From minor drywall repairs to a fresh coat of paint, these minor touch ups can add a lot when showcasing your home.
  • Painting – Choose a neutral color to help highlight the best features of the home. This will keep the prospective buyer looking at the home and not feeling negative about a color choice.
  • Clean the Floors – From steam cleaning carpets to polishing hardwood floors, these will help the room shine and prevent the buyer from focusing on potential eye sores.
  • Yard Maintenance – Keeping the landscape looking good will help focus on the positive of the home instead of the potentially negative part of maintain it.

One big piece of advice from Mario Brothers Home Improvement is to take care of major repairs.  Not only can this stop a sale from going through but it could also substantially decrease the value of the home.  Structural repairs like the foundation or even roof repairs should be made prior to putting the house on the market.