Pressure Washing is a great way to clean off the stubborn stains on anything from a fence to your deck to the side of the house.  When water, cleaning solution and/or a sponge won’t do, it’s time to pull out the pressure washer. If you’re looking to keep your home in good shape and showcase its beauty, here are a few spots that you might want to consider pressure washing:

  • Siding – To help remove mold and mildew stains.
  • Sidewalks/Driveways/Walls/Patio – From bird droppings to dirt and debris, a pressure washer can help clean up your concreate or brick-and-mortar.
  • Boats – If you have a boat, a pressure washer will help maintain its look.
  • Garbage Cans – Of course garbage cans can get dirty but you don’t want garbage getting stuck inside. Plus, a clean garbage can will help keep pests and insects away.
  • Hot Tubs and Pools – General use, debris and chemicals should be washed away frequently.
  • Soffits – Clear away the spider webs and dirt with a pressure washer.
  • Deck – Before staining or even to make it look clean for the new season, a pressure washed deck will help with maintenance.

If you would like the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement to pressure wash certain parts of the exterior of your home, give us a call and we’ll have it looking clean for the start of the season.