The first question is, what’s the difference between crown molding and faux crown molding?  The quick answer is that faux crown molding is simply an imitation of crown molding while reducing the cost.  Faux crown molding is essentially two pieces of thin molding and paint.  You would place the thin molding on the wall and paint in between giving the illusion that crown molding is there.  The two pieces determine how much you want the crown molding to drop from the ceiling.

When it comes to installing faux crown molding, have the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement take on this task for you.  We can help determine the ideal drop and hang it appropriately for maximum appearance.

Faux crown molding is great if you have large obstacles along the wall like a cabinet or entertainment center that’s part of the room.  It’s also perfect for less traffic areas such as a bedroom but can certainly be utilized in the den, living room and more.

Contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement to discuss faux crown molding as well as other ways to enhance the appeal of a room and add value to your home.

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