Mold.  It’s ugly and harmful and can plague the bathroom and almost any other area that has moisture or condensation build up.  We find it on the window sills, the ceilings or sometimes not at all…until you tear down the drywall for a renovation.

If you live around moisture then mold is unavoidable but there are ways to minimize its chances of showing up.  Mario Brothers Home Improvement offers these tips to reduce the chances of mold and mildew in the bathroom:

  • Ceiling Fan – Have Mario Brothers Home Improvement install a ceiling fan to help pull the steam from the shower out of the bathroom. Lingering moisture is certainly a way to get mold to form.
  • Mold-Resistant Paint – Use water-resistant or mold-resistant paint in the bathroom. Since many bathroom ceilings are painted white, this would be the ideal spot to choose to start with since mold is dark-colored.  Have you ever tried painting a ceiling though?  It’s time-consuming and frustrating so have the pros at Mario Brothers Home Improvement tackle this job for you.

Remember to keep a constant eye out for mold and do your best to remedy the situation before it gets out of control.