The drywall that’s used in the living room or bedroom should be different than the ones used in high moisture areas like your bathroom or garage.  When the shower runs hot and the bathroom is steaming up, that moisture can collect on the walls and, if they aren’t maintained or properly coated with the right water-resistant paint, then mold, mildew and moisture can eat away at the drywall.

To avoid this issue, contact the professionals at Mario Brothers Home Improvement and ensure that you bathroom walls stay protected against moisture.  There is specific drywall that has been created for such high-moisture areas like the bathroom and garages commonly called Green Board or Indoor Tile Backer Board.

The upside is that the moisture-resistant drywall is hung like normal drywall so there aren’t any special procedures that need to be done.  Mario Brothers Home Improvement can install the moisture-resistant drywall in your water-prone areas to ensure that your home retains its value and that no surprises such as mold, mildew or even wood rot plague your house.