Renovations can be costly.  From the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom, everyone wants to renovate but most don’t want to bear the expensive costs.  Mario Brothers Home Improvement can offer some small ideas that can make a big difference in the renovation process.

  • Shower Door Installation – Mario Brothers Home Improvement can install a shower door in your bathroom to help add value to the home and appeal to the room. A shower door is easier to maintain and much more appealing to the eye over a shower curtain.
  • Fixture Replacement – From a new faucet to new light fixture or even a new mirror, Mario Brothers Home Improvement can replace a fixture in your bathroom or install one ensuring that the wiring and/or mounting is done properly.
  • Painting – Sometimes all a room needs is a fresh coat of paint. Mario Brothers Home Improvement can apply water-resistant paint to reduce mold and you can buy the matching towels to make it complete.

When it comes to the bathroom, let Mario Brothers Home Improvement be your professionals to get the job done right.  If you’re looking for more renovation ideas, contact us today!