When it comes to your bathroom walls, you’ll have a few options available to help with the design of the room. You can utilize drywall, tiles or a combination of both. While both offer benefits, it’s worth considering the design you want for your bathroom and how much use it will have. For instance, a half-bathroom located near the living room with no shower will probably look best with drywall whereas tile will be easy to maintain in a steam-heavy bathroom that gets used for showers daily.
When it comes to the bathroom walls, make sure the Mario Brothers Home Improvement is your go-to team for remodeling, installation and maintenance.


  • Benefits – Easy maintenance and great at minimizing mold and mildew (when maintained properly). They also offer a lot of personality and décor options and add value to the home.
  • Downside – Tiles may need to be regrouted when there is discoloration and they are difficult to remove when you want to change the décor.


  • Benefits – Easy to paint when you want to change the look and makes hanging shelves, cabinets, etc., much easier.
  • Downside – They are more prone to mold and mildew. They also may not have the same luxurious appeal as tile.

Contact Mario Brothers Home Improvement and see if tiles, drywall or a combination of both in your bathroom is the way to go. For all your remodeling and installation needs, make sure to call on the experts at Mario Brothers Home Improvement.